About us

Przemysłowe Dostawy Inwestycyjne Cezary Kozłowski We are a company dedicated to buying and selling used and new machinery for metalworking. We operate in Polish and in most European and Asian countries.


Experienced and qualified staff who care about maintaining long-term relationships with customers, many contacts around the world, fairness in action and passion for what we do allows us to stand up to the challenge and offer you a machine for metal to match your requirements.


We specialize in commercial brokerage, our scope is mainly machines for heavy machining and forming, casting machines, production lines, all factories and enterprises.


We offer the machine recognized global brands:



AMADA, Andrychów, Biehler, Bruderer, Bystronic, BEMA, Clovis, Correa, Cugir, Carl Zeiss, Davi, Deckel Maho, Donau, DMG, Erfurt, ESAB, Faccin, Fritz Heckert, Gildemeister, Gotha, Max Muller, H. Cegielski Heckert, IXION, JAFO, wheels, MAS Kosovit, Krematorsk, Mori Seiki, Mazak, Pels, Plasomat, Pullmax, Promecam, Pontisje, Smeral, SMG, Stanko, Piesok, TIBO, TBT, WMW